Article of the Week

Run-On Sentences

Run-on sentences occur when writers try to combine more than one idea into a single sentence. They cause confusion because readers are not sure when one idea ends and the next one begins. Read our entry and test your knowledge with our quiz!

Planning & Organizing

Need some help with brainstorming, outlining, and composing your writing? Our articles listed below can walk you through the basics of the writing and drafting process. These pages explain how to get started, build essay structure, and create coherent arguments.

  • The Writing Process

    Learn more about how to approach a writing assignment from start to finish.
  • Creating an Outline

    What is an outline and why is it such a useful organizational tool when writing?
  • Introductions

    Learn to write organized and coherent introductions.
  • Topic Sentences

    Bring focus to your body paragraphs with strong topic sentences.
  • Conclusions

    How can a strong conclusion make your writing better?